What does a Centaur do for fun?

So I’m just a regular 16 year old boy. I like to go bow hunting. I mostly like duck hunting with my bow, but the boat can kind of be hard to ride in. I play football in the fall, just like normal boys my age. Yeah someone may get kicked in the face, but its all good.

What’s really fun is fighting the bad guys. Centaurs are kind of like superheros. You wouldn’t believe the stuff we stop in Washington and Clarke county on the weekends. You think riding on these dirt roads is all about having fun, but we are really protecting people. Just a couple weeks ago, we helped chase down some guy who escaped from jail and was in the woods running. Who else could run that fast in the woods but a man with 4 legs? Of course we caught him!

Well that’s just a little bit about what we do. I’ll share more later.


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